The Players of St Peter
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Scenes from
The Chester Plays
2003 November
St Clement Eastcheap Church, London, EC4
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The Players: On stage
Goobett-on-the-Green *Eileen Mills
GodPeter Lloyd
AdamPeter Evans
EveCharlotte Fuller
CainGary Touhtarian
AbelRichard Poray
MosesRoger Haworth
MicheasMike Waring
MaryCharlotte Fuller
GabrielFelix Pring
ElizabethJudith Elbourne
NuntiusMartyn Taylor
OctavianTom Holmes
Senators:James Hardwick
Irene Deeks
SibylOlive Stubbs
AssJudith Elbourne
JosephDennis Erdwin
TebellEileen Mills
SalomeJo Greene
HankinOliver Clement
HarveyRoger Haworth
TudAndrew Dobson
TrowleGary Touhtarian
SheepEve Haughton
DotinowleEve Haughton
Angel of the Gloria        Peggy Forsyth
Kings:Mike Waring
David Coster
Peter Lloyd
CitizenAilsa Pain
HerodPeter Evans
Doctors of Lore:James Hardwick
Irene Deeks
Eve Haughton
Knights:Andrew Dobson
Richard Poray
Roger Haworth
Edward Weedon
Women:Jo Greene
Judith Elbourne
Eve Haughton
Helen Rendall
DemonJames Hardwick
Other parts played bySue Chapman
Elvira Moreira-Dias
and members of the cast
The Plays
The Creation and Fall *
Cain and Abel
Moses and the Law
The Salutation and the Brith
The Shepherds
The Three Kings from the East
The Offering of the Kings
The Massacre of the Innocents
* Goobett-on-the-Green is taken from the start of the Barbers' play: The Histories of Abraham, Lot, Melchysedeck & Isaac
The Players: Off stage
Adaptation and DirectionOlive Stubbs
Singers:Peggy Forsyth
Felix Pring
OrganJonathan Murray
RecorderHelen Rendall
Music Co-ordinatorPatrick Mills
Front of House ManagerKen MacLeod
Stage ManagerTed Weedon
Assistants:Sue Chapman
Jason Henry
Colin Pollard
LightingMike Waring
AssistantSimon Reynolds
PropsEve Haughton
Assistants:Sue Chapman
Derek Mills
Richard Poray
Ted Weedon
CostumesPatricia Reader
Assistants:Jeff Bannister
Angela Bird
Helen Rendall
Lesley Webster
Ticket OfficeTed Weedon
Booking Leaflet and Programme
Olive Stubbs
Ted Weedon
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