The Players of St Peter
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Scenes from
The Corpus Christi (n-Town) Plays
2004 November
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On stage
Presenters:Edward Weedon
Olive Stubbs
God the FatherTom Holmes
God the SonPeter Lloyd
Holy GhostJudith Elbourne
SeraphMike Waring
Good Angels:Deborah Pollard
Maxine Howard
Nalini Krishan
Eve Haughton
LuciferFelix Pring
Bad Angels:Jamie Moreno
Carrolle Jamieson
AdamPeter Evans
EvaLinda Whichelow
SerpentJamie Moreno
DreamerOlive Stubbs
Daughters of God:
    TruthLaura Barber
MercyBeverley Ashill
JusticeIrene Deeks
PeaceDeborah Pollard
ContemplationAndrew Dobson
GabrielMike Waring
MaryElizabeth Duncan
Raise SlanderEileen Mills
BackbiterPatrick Gaskell-Taylor
JosephOliver Clement
SusannaAilsa Pain
SephorSue Chapman
AngelEve Haughton
CitizenBeverley Ashill
ZelomyMaxine Howard
SalomeCarrolle Jamieson
AngelEve Haughton
Singing AngelPeggy Forsyth
HeraldJamie Moreno
King HerodPeter Evans
QueenJudith Elbourne
StewardDennis Erdwin
BaltazarDavid Coster
MelchizarRoger Haworth
JasperPeter Lloyd
AngelMike Waring
Other parts played by members of the cast
The Plays
Creation of Heaven and the Angels
The Fall of Lucifer
Creation of the World and Man
The Fall of Man
Lucifer's Sermon on Sin
The Parliament of Heaven
The Salutation and Conception
Slander and Backbiter
Joseph's Return
The Birth of Christ
King Herod's Court
The Adoration of the Magi
Off stage
Adaptation and DirectionOlive Stubbs
SingersPeggy Forsyth
Beverley Ashill
OrganPatrick Mills
Music Co-ordinatorPatrick Mills
Front of House ManagerKen MacLeod
Stage ManagerTed Weedon
    AssistantsSue Chapman
Jason Henry
LightingMike Waring
AssistantSimon Reynolds
PropsEve Haughton
AssistantsSue Chapman
Ted Weedon
CostumesPatricia Reader
AssistantsJeff Bannister
Angela Bird
Helen Rendall
Ticket OfficeTed Weedon
Booking Leaflet and Programme
Ted Weedon
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