The Players of St Peter
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Scenes from
The Wakefield Plays
2005 November
St Clement Eastcheap Church, London, EC4
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The Players: On stage
CherubinJudith Elbourne
LuciferRobert Reeve
Good Angels:Eve Haughton
Sue Chapman
Sally Reynolds
Bad Angels:Laura Barber
Jamie Moreno
GodMike Waring
NarratorTom Holmes
AdamPeter Lloyd
EveGemma Eglinton
BoyMax HowardMaxine Howard
    GreenhornDennis Erdwin
GrimPatrick Gaskell-Taylor
CainPeter Evans
AbelRoger Haworth
SibillaDeborah Pollard
GabrielGabrielle Hamilton
MaryGemma Eglinton
CaesarPeter Lloyd
Counsellors:Laura Barber
Jamie Moreno
LightfootMax Howard
ElizabethIrene Deeks
CollNick Carter
GibRoger Haworth
DawMike Waring
MakOliver Clement
GillCarrolle Jamieson
SheepEve Haughton
Angel of the GloriaPeggy Forsyth
JosephAndrew Dobson
JasperPatrick Gaskell-Taylor
MelchorPeter Evans
BalthesarDennis Erdwin
SymeonTom Holmes
Angels:Gabrielle Hamilton
Helen Rendall
Other parts played by members of the cast
The Plays
The Fall of Lucifer
The Fall of Man
The Killing of Abel
Of Prophecy
The Annunciation
Caesar Augustus' Court
The Salutation of Elizabeth
The Second Shepherds' Play
The Offering of the Magi
The Presentation
The Players: Off stage
Adaptation and DirectionOlive Stubbs
SingerPeggy Forsyth
OrganPatrick Mills
FluteHelen Rendall
Music Co-ordinatorPatrick Mills
Front of House ManagerKen MacLeod
Stage ManagerTed Weedon
Assistants:Sue Chapman
Sally Reynolds
LightingMike Waring
AssistantSimon Reynolds
PropsEve Haughton
Assistants:Sue Chapman
Ted Weedon
CostumesPatricia Reader
Assistants:Jeff Bannister
Angela Bird
Helen Rendall
Ticket OfficeTed Weedon
Booking Leaflet
and Programme:
Olive Stubbs
Ted Weedon
WebmasterSimon Reynolds