The Wakefield (Towneley) plays

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these texts at the University of Michigan.
Items with an Hist link are © Gill Taylor and Olive M. Stubbs and are
the scripts used in The Players of St Peter 2016 production.
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The Creation10219
The Killing of Abel19472
Noah and the Ark23152
The Prophets8641
Caesar Augustus9313
HistThe Annunciation96182016 Sep 23  22:13:35
The Annunciation13597
The Salutation of Elizabeth3246
The First Shepherds' Play21867
The Second Shepherds’ Play181372018 Dec 14  22:27:50
The Second Shepherds' Play33407
The Offering of the Magi24519
The Flight into Egypt54982016 Nov 03  22:06:08
The Flight into Egypt5659
HistHerod the Great220792020 Dec 13  21:04:24
Herod the Great21617
The Purification of Mary5120
The Play of the Doctors11747
John the Baptist11838
The Conspiracy30139
The Buffeting20640
The Scourging20577
The Crucifixion27861
The Talents18961
The Deliverance of Souls16476
The Resurrection of the Lord24031
The Pilgrims14081
Thomas of India21730
The Lord's Ascension17158
HistEpilogue15752016 Nov 29  17:07:05
The Judgement27213
The Hanging of Judas3172
SrcAll the plays in one big lump5136882022 Jan 21  20:05:23
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