The Flight into Egypt

Awake, Ioseph, and take intent!1
Thou ryse, and slepe nomare!2
If thou Wyll saue thy self vnshent3
ffownde the fast to fare;4
I am an angell to the sent,5
ffor thou shall no harmes hent,6
To cach the outt of care.7
If thou here longer lent,8
ffor rewth thou mon repent,9
And rew it wonder sare.10
A! myghtfull god,11
what euer this ment,12
so swete of toyn?13
lo, Ioseph, it is I,14
An angell send to the.15
we! leyf, I pray the why?16
what is thy wyll with me?17
hens behufys the hy,18
And take with the mary,19
Also hir chyld so fre;20
ffor herode dos to dy21
All knaue chyldren, securly,22
with in two yere that be23
Of eld.24
Alas, full wo is me!25
where may we beyld,?26
Tyll egypp shall thou fare27
with all the myght thou may;28
And, Ioseph, hold, the thare,29
tyll I wyll the at say.30
This is a febyll fare,31
A seke man and a sare32
To here of sich a fray;33
My bonys ar bursyd and, bare34
ffor to do; I wold, it ware35
Comen my last day36
Tyll ende;37
I ne wote which is the way;38
how shall we weynde?39
Ther of haue thou no drede;40
weynd furth, & leyf thi dyn;41
The way he shall you lede,42
the kyng of all man-kyn.43
That heynd til vs take hede,44
ffor I had lytyll nede45
Sich bargans to begyn;46
No wonder if I wede,47
I that may do no dede;48
how shuld I theder wyn49
ffor eld?50
I am full bare and thyn,51
And all vnweld;52
My fors me falys to fare,53
and sight that I shuld, se.54
Mary, my darlyng dere,55
I am full wo for the!56
A, leyf Ioseph, what chere?57
youre sorow on this manere58
It mekill meruels me.59
Oure noyes ar neghand, nere60
If we dwell longer here;61
ffor-thi behofes vs fle,62
And flytt.63
Alas! how may this be?64
what euer menys it?65
It menys of sorow enoghe.66
A, dere Ioseph, how so?67
As I lay in a swogh,68
ffull sad slepand and thro,69
An angell to me drogh,70
As blossom bright on bogh,71
And told betwix vs two,72
That herode wroght greatt wogh,73
And all knaue children slogh74
In land that he myght to,75
That feynd!76
And he thy son wold, slo77
And shamely sheynd.78
My son? alas, for care!79
who may my doyllys dyll?80
wo worth fals herode are!81
my son why shuld, he spyll?82
Alas! I lurk and dare!83
To slo this barne I bare,84
what wight in warld, had wyll?85
his hart shuld be full sare86
Sichon for to fare,87
That neuer yit dyd yll,88
Ne thoght.89
Now leyfe mary, be styll!90
This helpys noght;91
It is no boytt to grete,92
truly withoutten trayn;93
Oure bayll it may not boytt94
bot well more make oure payn.95
Alas! how shuld, I lete?96
My son that is so swete97
Is soght for to be slayn;98
ffull gryle may I grete,99
My fomen and I mete;100
Tell me, Ioseph, with mayn,101
youre red.102
Shortly swedyll vs this swayn,103
And fle hys dede.104
his ded wold I not se,105
ffor all this warld, to wyn;106
Alas! full wo were me,107
In two if we shuld, twyn;108
My chyld, so bright of ble,109
To slo hym were pyte,110
And a full hedus syn.111
Dere Ioseph, what red ye?112
Tyll egyp weynd shall we;113
ffor-thi let be thi dyn114
And cry.115
how shall we theder wyn?116
ffulle well wote I;117
The best wyse that we may118
hast vs outt of this here.119
Ther is noght els to say120
bot tytt pak vp oure gere;121
ffor ferd of this affray,122
lett vs weynd hens away,123
Or any do vs dere.124
Greatt god, as he well may,125
That shope both nyght and day,126
ffrom wandreth he vs were,127
And shame;128
My chyld, how shuld, I bere129
So far from hame?130
Alas! I am full wo!131
was neuer wyght so wyll!132
God wote I may say so,133
I haue mater ther tyll;134
ffor I may vnyth go135
To lede of land sich two;136
No wonder if I be wyll,137
And sythen has many a fo.138
A, why wyll no ded me slo?139
My lyfe I lyke yll140
And sare;141
he that all doyls may dyll,142
he keyll my care!143
So wyll a wyght as I,144
In warld, was neuer man;145
howsehold, and husbandry146
ffull sore I may it ban;147
That bargan dere I by.148
yong men, bewar, red I:149
wedyng makys me all wan.150
Take me thi brydyll, mary;151
Tent thou to that page grathly152
with all the craft thou can;153
And may154
he that this warld, began,155
wysh vs the way!156
Alas, full wo is me!157
Is none so wyll as I!158
My hart wold breke in thre,159
My son to se hym dy.160
we! leyf mary, lett be,161
And nothyng drede thou the,162
Bot hard, hens lett vs hy;163
To saue thi foode so fre,164
ffast furth now lett vs fle,165
Dere leyf;166
To mete with his enmy,167
It were a greatt myschefe,168
And that wold, I not wore,169
Away if we myght wyn;170
My hart wold, be full sore,171
In two to se you twyn.172
Tyll egypp lett vs fare;173
This pak, tyll I com thare,174
To bere I shall not blyn:175
ffor-thi haue thou no care;176
If I may help the mare,177
Thou fyndys no fawte me in,178
I say.179
God blys you more and myn,180
And haue now all good day!181

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