The Players of St Peter-upon-Cornhill
Christmas 1972
The Plays
The Norwich Grocers' Play
The Coventry Shearmen and Taylors Pageant
The Coventry Weavers Pageant
The Players
Prologue Angels Adam Eve God the Father Serpent Archangel Gabriel Dolour Misery Holy Ghost Isaiah Mary St. Elizabeth Joseph 1st Shepherd 2nd Shepherd 3rd Shepherd 1st Prophet 2nd Prophet Nuntius King Herod King of Taurus King of Araby King of Aginar Knight 1st wife 2nd wife 3rd wife Simeon Anna 1st Priestess 2nd Priestess John Evenett Roger Fearon, Robert Davison Malcolm Crowthers Elizabeth Wood Rodney Eatock Taylor Malcolm Greatbanks Michael Hill Cordelia Morgan Janet Cowen John Templeton John Salem Jacqueline Eatock Taylor Imelda Bragg Patrick Gaskell-Taylor Cyril Haward Robert Davison John Evenett John Templeton Roger Fearon Robert Davison Malcolm Greatbanks John Salem Malcolm Crowthers Roger Fearon Gordon McIntyre Imelda Bragg Janet Cowen Cordelia Morgan Jock Longstaff Margaret Helps Janet Cowen Imelda Bragg Adapted and Directed by John Evenett Chairman of Production The Reverend Alan Cook Music arranged and played by Lighting arranged by Wardrobe arranged by Poster and Programme design by Printed by Frances Trafford Walker (Harp and Psaltery) Patricia Harvey (Tabor and Bells) Christopher Kent (Organ) Gordon Mclntyre and Kenneth Macleod Imelda Bragg Peter Eaton & Partners Peter Eade Graphics