The Players of St Peter-upon-Cornhill
The Coventry Plays
[N-town Plays]
July 1972
The Scenes
The PrologueThe Arrest
The BaptismThe Virgin's Lament
The TemptationThe Trial before the Bishops
The Woman taken in Adultery    The Trial before Pilate
The Raising of LazarusThe Trial before Herod
The Council of JewsPilate's Wife's Dream
The Entry into JerusalemThe Condemnation
The ConspiracyThe Crucifixion
The Last SupperThe Resurrection
On stage
SatanMalcolm Greatbanks
John the BaptistRobert Leach
JesusHoward Davies
Voice of DeusPatrick Gaskell-Taylor
Gamaliel, the PhariseeRoger Fearon
Rufyn, the ScribeBrian Evans
Leon, the AccuserMichael Eyre
YouthSimon Owen
WomanElizabeth Brown
MessengerMichael Hill
MarthaDinah Nichols
Mary MaudelynEtelka Leadlay
1st ComforterRoma McAuliffe
2nd ComforterPatricia Harvey
LazarusPatrick Gaskell-Taylor
AnnasSimon Wheeler
ArfexeAndrew Ward
CaiaphasSimon Owen
PeterGraham Bennett
JohnMalcolm Crowthers
Citizens of JerusalemBrenda Huggett
Michael Hill
Peter Donoghue
Imelda Bragg
Anthea Batty
Blind ManJohn Goldthorpe
JudasMichael Evans
DisciplesMichael Hill
Peter Donoghue
Bernadot el-Anati
Colin Grinsey
Michael Moore
Anthony Norton
Brian Mann
Herbert Black
Vernon West
KnightsRobert Leach
David Edgar
John Goldthorpe
Gary Stump
MaryJanet Cowen
MaidsBrenda Huggett
Anthea Batty
PilateJohn Templeton
HerodPatrick Gaskell-Taylor
Pilate's WifeCordelia Morgan
BarrabasBernadot el-Anati
Women of JerusalemRoma McAuliffe
Patricia Harvey
Simon of CyrenePeter Donoghue
VeronicaImelda Bragg
LongeusAnthony Norton
Joseph of ArimatheaMichael Evans
NicodemusMichael Hill
Off stage
Adapted byHoward Davies
Directed byJohn Evenett
Costumes designed byPeter Lees-Jeffries
Lighting byGordon Mclntyre
Kenneth MacLeod
Organist and Musical DirectorDavid Greenwood
Programme and Poster designed byPeter Eaton & Partners
Ken MacLeod