The Players of St Peter-upon-Cornhill
in scenes from
The Ludus Coventriæ   (N-town plays)
December 1976
The Plays
Creation of Heaven and the angels • Fall of Lucifer • Creation of the world and man • Fall of man • Cain and Abel • Prophets • Parliament of Heaven • Salutation and conception • Visit to Elizabeth • Birth of Christ • Adoration of the shepherds • Adoration of the magi • Massacre of the innocents • Death of Herod
The Players
God Lucifer Good Angels Bad Angels Adam Eve Seraphim Abel Cain Isaiah Jesse David Jeremiah Daniel Asa Son of God Truth Mercy Justice Peace Holy Spirit Gabriel Mary Joseph Elizabeth Zachary Citizen Salome Zelomie Angel 1st Shepherd 2nd Shepherd 3rd Shepherd Herod Baltazar Melchizar Jasper Seneschal 1st Soldier 2nd Soldier Angel Jeremy Rowe Malcolm Crowthers Tom Bulman Andrew Puddifoot Anthony Sales Mark Taylor Jeffrey Marsh John Povey Ian Jones Anne Weigall Henry Moss-Blundell Justin Arundale Malcolm Greatbanks E. Noel Brown Jock Longstaff John Evenett Brian Evans John Povey Graham Brigg Henry Moss-Blundell Eve Haughton Anne Weigall Katrina Mulvihill Sally Garnham Richard Proudfoot Nicholas Saunders Christine Waterhouse Cyril Haward Joanna Whitten Brian Evans John Povey Eileen Symes Eileen Mills Cordelia Morgan Andrew Puddifoot Henry-Moss Blundell Graham Brigg Norman Tong Michael Mende Barry Peters Jock Longstaff John Evenett Jeffrey Marsh Ian Jones Malcolm Greatbanks MarkTaylor 1st Woman 2nd Woman Death Devils Boys Adaption, Direction and Design Costumes Music Recorders, cornetti, cornemuse, Trumpet, crumhorn, rebec, organ ck percussion Singer Prompts Lighting & staging Stage alteration plan Box Office Printing Stagehand Eve Haughton Cordelia Morgan Patrick Gaskell-Taylor Tom Bulman Andrew Puddifoot Mark Taylor Jonathan Fay Samuel Fay E. Noel Brown and Malcolm Crowthers William Marsh Pamela Coombs with Peter Gill and Geoffrey Marshall Katrina Mulvihill Roma McAuliffe Isobel Longstaff Eileen Symes Kenneth Macleod Ken MacLeod John Grey Francis Stephenson Peter Eade Graphic Michael Tyldesley