The Players of St Peter-upon-Cornhill
July 1977
The N-town Plays
This was the first time that Olive Stubbs perfomed with The Players.
The Passion Play - 1977 TEMPTATION • COUNCIL OF THE JEWS • ENTRY INTO JERUSALEM • CONSPIRACY OF THE JEWS AND JUDAS LAST SUPPER • AGONY AND BETRAYAL • LAMENT OF THE VIRGIN • TRIAL BEFORE ANNAS AND CAIPHAS • PETER'S DENIAL REMORSE OF JUDAS • TRIAL BEFORE PILATE • TRIAL BEFORE HEROD • PILATE'S WIFE'S DREAM TRIAL OF CHRIST AND BARABAS BEFORE PILATE • CONDEMNATION AND SCOURGING • WAY OF THE CROSS CRUCIFIXION • DESCENT INTO HELL • BURIAL • HARROWING OF HELL • RESURRECTION. The version of the Ludus Coventriae which we are using in this production is taken from the Vespasian Manuscript 1468 in the British Museum, which has been transcribed by The Early English Text Society. the cast Jesus Satan Annas Annas' Doctor Gamaliel Messenger Caiphas Caiphas' Doctor Rufin Leon Peter John 1st Citizen 2nd Citizen 3rd Citizen 4th Citizen Blind Man Poor Man Simon Leprous Mary Magdalen Judas Philip James Thadeus Disciples Angel 1st Jew 2nd Jew (Malcheus) 3rd Jew 4th Jew Mary 1st Maidservant 2nd Maidservant Pilate King Herod Pilate's Wife Centurian 2nd Soldier Barabas 1st Woman 2nd Woman Simon of Cyrene Veronica Malcolm Crowthers Bruce Bayley Patrick Gaskell-Taylor John Povey Jeffrey Marsh Tom Bulman Andrew Dobson Rodney Eatock Taylor Jock Longstaff Johan De Rycker Brian Hunt Simon Lole John Gallacher Peter Campbell Eve Haughton Alison Joseph E. Noel Brown Raymond Holyhead Arthur Golightly Eileen Symes (Eileen Mills) Jeremy Rowe Michael Tyldesley John Thornton Kevin Yell John Gallacher Guy Peterson Peter Campbell Arthur Escott Justin Arundale Tony Jaques Tom Bulman John Thornton Kevin Yell Rodney Eatock Taylor John Povey Olive Stubbs Alison Joseph Eve Haughton Tony Jaques E. Noel Brown Shelagh Stuchbery Arthur Escott Peter Campbell John Gallacher Joanna Whitten Alison Joseph Arthur Golightly Eve Haughton Anima Christi Guy Peterson Nicodemus John Thornton Joseph of Aramathea Kevin Yell 3rd Soldier 4th Soldier Longeus Adam Eve John the Baptist Abraham ADAPTATION, DIRECTION AND DESIGN Music Singer Prompt Lighting Box Office Printing Type Setting Stage Manager Our thanks to Brian Hunt Arthur Golightly Michael Tyldesley John Gallacher Shelagh Stuchbery Jeremy Rowe Peter Campbell E. Noel Brown and Malcolm Crowthers John Jansson Maxine Binns Roma McAuliffe John Paton Francis Stephenson Peter Eade Graphic Direct Typesetting Michael Tyldesley Marian Fay Doreen Jameson Mary Knox Johnson The Lambeth Players President Vice-Presidents Chairman Hon. Secretary Hon. Treasurer The Lord Mayor of London The Lord Bishop of London D. P. d'Ambrumenil Dame Cecily Courteneidge James Guinness Jack Hulbert J. C. T. Longstaff Henry Schiller C. R. Aveling Tyler Reverend Alan Cook, M.A., Rector of St Peter-upon-Cornhill Mrs. J. L. C. Eatock Taylor Kenneth MacLeod Ken MacLeod