The Players of St Peter-upon-Cornhill
present The Passion from
the Ludus Coventriæ  (N-town plays)
21-30 March 1983 in
St Sepulchre without Newgate, London, EC1
1983 March
Passion Lucifer John Baptist Jesus Belial Beelzebub Youth Woman in Adultery Lazarus Martha Maudefyn 1st Comforter 2nd Comforter Peter John Annas Gamaliel Arfexe Rufyn Caiaphas Lean Simon Judas James Angel of Agony Mary Mother 1st Knight 2nd Knight 3rd Knight 4th Knight Herod Pilate Women by the Fire BRIAN HUNT ALAN GILBERT GRAHAM WHATLEY TONY BARNFIELD TIM KIDD CHRISTOPHER HUNT EILEEN MILLS RICHARD PROUDFOOT JANET COWEN GILLIAN EMMETT JENNIFER KIEK EVE HAUGHTON ALAN GILBERT ROGER THOMPSON FRANCIS DALVIN RODNEY EATOCK TAYLOR JEFFREY MARSH JOHN POVEY IAN PRATT MICHAEL TYLDESLEY RICHARD PROUDFOOT WINSTON SMITH PATRICK MILLS PETER THORNBER Eve Molesworth Tony Barnfield Tim Kidd GRAHAM BRIDGER ALAN FRANKLIN BRIAN EVANS ANDREW DOBSON Eve Haughton Carol Whatley Simon of Cyrene Veronica Joseph of Arimathea Nicodemus Anima Christi Mary Jacobi Mary Salome Angel of the Resurrection Thomas Matthew James-the-Less Andrew Philip Bartholomew Simon Zelotes Judas, brother of James Deus JOHN HUGHES Olive Stubbs Edward Noel Brown BENJAMIN GUNNERSEN GABRIELLE BARRACLOUGH Sheena Gray PATRICIA BAYLY PETER THORNBER PETER EVANS ROBERT COWARD CHRISTOPHER HUNT BENJAMIN GUNNERSEN KEN MACLEOD ROBIN HURST Ted Weedon John Hughes Phillip Chancellor (Citizens of Jerusalem, Souls in Hell and Devils by Members of the Cast) Stage Manager Costume Design Lighting Music Properties Publicity Box Office Front of House Ted Weedon Phyllis Evans & Kathryn Gray KEN MACLEOD GERARD JOHNSON CAROL WHATLEY RODNEY EATOCK TAYLOR & JOHN EVENETT ELIZABETH & DAVID HAHN Under the direction of PATRICK GASKELL-TAYLOR PRODUCED by KATHRYN GRAY