The Players of St Peter-upon-Cornhill
in scenes from
The Ludus Coventriæ   (N-town plays)
December 1982
The Plays
Conception of Mary
Presentation of Mary in the Temple
The marriage of Mary and Joseph
The annunciation
The cherry tree
The birth of Christ
Herod and the kings
The adoration
Presentation to Simeon in the Temple
The Players
Scenes from THE LUDUS COVENTRIÆ CONCEPTION OF MARY PRESENTATION OF MARY IN THE TEMPLE THE MARRIAGE OF MARY AND JOSEPH THE ANNUNCIATION THE CHERRY TREE THE BIRTH OF CHRIST SHEPHERDS HEROD AND THE KINGS THE ADORATION PRESENTATION TO SIMEON IN THE TEMPLE December 1982 Contemplation Ysakar Joachim Anna Kinsmen Shepherds Bishop Mary Joseph Michael Murray Michael Tyldesley Tony Barnfield Olive Stubbs Paul Bromly, Robin Tones, Christopher Hunt John Povey, Jeffrey Marsh, Christopher Hunt Rodney Eatock Taylor Elsie Jacobi - ill - replaced by Kathryn Gray Andrew Dobson Handmaiden Gabriel Innkeeper Herod Balthazar Melchior Caspar Simeon Hannah Angel Patricia Bayly, Nana Kwakye, Eve Haughton Brian Hunt Paul Bromly David Heal Winston Smith Michael Murray Graham Bridger Edward Noel Brown Eileen Mills Eve Molesworth Stage Manager Ted Weedon Music Gerard Johnson Treble Solo Christopher Gray Properties Eve Haughton Wardrobe Elizabeth Wright Lighting Kenneth MacLeod Box Office Francis Stephenson Adapted and produced by Kathryn Gray The Players of St Peter-upon-Cornhill President The Lord Mayor of London Vice Presidents The Lord Bishop of London, D P d'Ambrumenil, James Guinness J C T Longstaff, Henry Schiller, John Evenett Chairman The Rev Alan Cook MA, Hon CF, Rector of St Peter-upon-Cornhill Hon Secretary Mrs J L C Eatock Taylor Hon Treasurer Ken MacLeod