The Players of St Peter
at St. Peter-upon-Cornhill, London
December 1985

The Chester Plays The complete set of plays would take at least seven hours; for Christmas 1985 we have prepared shortened versions of seven of the twenty-four plays: The Banes. The Creation of The World and Adam and Eve. Noe's Deluge. The Salutation and Nativity of Our Saviour Jesus Christ. The Shepherds Watching their Flocks. The Three Kings from the East and King Herod. The Adoration of the Three Kings. The Cast Expositer Deus Adam Eve Demon Serpent Noe Noe's Wife Shem Shem's Wife Ham Ham's Wife Japhet Japhet's Wife Mrs. Noe's Gossips Mary Gabriel St. Elizabeth Joseph Preco Tebel Salome 1st Shepherd 2nd Shepherd 3rd Shepherd 1st King 2nd King 3rd King Explorator King Herod Doctor John Salem Ian Pratt Charles Salem Jayne Lewis (Jane Lewis)/ Wendy Spencer Brian Dalton Joan Mayhew John Evenett Eileen Mills Andrew Dobson Joan Mayhew Peter Evans Wendy Spencer Tony Barnfield Eve Houghton Janet Cowen and Jillian Pearce Olive Stubbs Mark Evenett Jillian Pearce Graham Whatley Alastair MacLeod Wendy Spencer Janet Cowen Neville Bealing James Hardwick Peter Evans Andrew Dobson Tom King John Povey Eve Haughton David Heal Tony Barnfield The Players of St. Peter-upon-Cornhill President The Lord Mayor of London Vice Presidents The Lord Bishop of London D P d'Ambrumenil James Guinness J C T Longstaff Henry Schiller J D Evenett Chairman The Reverend Alan J N Cook, MA,Hon CF, Rector of St. Peter-upon-Comhill Hon Secretary Mrs. J L Eatock Taylor Hon Treasurer Ken MacLeod Adaptation and Direction John Evenett Music Patricia Reader Lighting Ken MacLeod Stage Management Carol Whatley