Scenes from THE LUDUS COVENTRIAE December 1986 The Creation of the World and the Fall of Lucifer The Creation and Fall of Man Cain and Abel The Parliament of Heaven The Annunciation The Visit to Elizabeth The Birth of Christ The Adoration of the Shepherds Herod's Court The Adoration of the Kings The Cast Presenter Contemplation God the Father God the Son God the Holy Ghost Lucifer Bad Angels Angels of Creation Adam Eva Serpent Angel of the Sword Abel Bernard Dandridge Sandy Boyle Graham Whatley Charles Salem Carol Whatley Tony Barnfield Patrick Mills Joel Xhaard Eve Haughton Joan Mayhew Paul O'Connor Wendy Spencer Ceres E. Squire John Povey Peter Evans Cain Archangels The Daughters of God Truth Mercy Righteousness Peace Gabriel Mary Joseph Susanna Sephor Elizabeth Andrew Dobson Zachary Ian Pratt Citizen of Bethlehem John Povey Beggar John Salem Zelomy Salome Janet Cowan Boosras Eileen Mills Maunfras Jennifer Kiek Moyse Ceres E. Squire Herald Ian Pratt Steward Jane Lewis Herod Andrew Dobson Balthazar Sarah Green Melchizar Wendy Spencer Jasper Eileen Mills Angel of the Kings John Povey Sandy Boyle Eve Haughton Lilian Prentice Joan Mayhew Peter Evans James Hardwick Patrick Mills Eve Haughton Paul O'Connor Bernard Dandridge David Heal John Guy Roger Haworth John Salem Troupe of players; the Heavenly Host; sorrowing humanity and Herod's Court are played by members of the cast. Adaptation and Direction Olive Stubbs Olive M Stubbs Musical Director Gerry Johnson Stage Manager Edward Weedon Assistant Sarah Green Singers and Musicians Priscilla Brazier Our special thanks to Link 51 (for the Handy Angle) and James Latham plc (for the blockboard) who provided generous discounts which enabled us to extend our stage this year. Props Tony Barnfield Edward Weedon Elizabeth Francis Gerry Johnson Jennifer Kiek Lighting Wardrobe Mistress Ken MacLeod Elisabeth Lawrence (aka Ceres E. Squire) Patricia Reader Assistant Lilian Prentice Ceres E. Squire Stage-building Co-ordinators Sandy Boyle Ken MacLeod Organist John Peacham Ticket Office Francis Stephenson The Players of St. Peter-upon-Cornhill President The Lord Mayor of London Vice Presidents The Lord Bishop of London D P d'Ambrumenil James Guinness J C T Longstaff Henry Schiller J D Evenett Chairman The Revd Alan J N Cook, MA Hon CF, Rector of St. Peter-upon-Cornhill Hon Secretary Mrs J L Eatock Taylor Hon Treasurer Ken MacLeod

This was the first year under the direction of Olive Stubbs