The Players of St Peter
at St. Peter-upon-Cornhill, London
This was the last year that the Players performed at St. Peter-upon-Cornhill
Scenes from THE WAKEFIELD PLAYS December 1987 The Creation Noah and the Ark The Annunciation Caesar Augustus The Salutation of Elizabeth The Second Shepherds' Play The Offering of the Magi The Flight into Egypt The Cast God Cherubin Lucifer Bad Angels Good Angels Adam Eve Noah Noah's Wife Sons of Noah Singers Musicians Organists Sandy Boyle Caroline O'Hanrahan Tony Barnfield Helen Cassidy Richard Proctor Gary Davidson Jennifer Kiek Joel Xhaard Patricia Reader Ian Pratt Ceres E. Squire (Ceres Squire) Dominic Smith Tony Gore Gary Davidson Priscilla Brazier Elizabeth Francis Jillian Pearce Gerry Johnson Jennifer Kiek Ceres E. Squire Gaye Boothroyde Elizabeth Francis John Peacham Noah's Sons' Wives Gabriel Mary Joseph Angel of Joseph Caesar Augustus Counsellors of Caesar Lightfoot Herod Doctors of Law Helen Cassidy Lilian Prentice Caroline Monks Peter Evans Jane Lewis Roger Haworth Patricia Reader John Salem John Lyons John Povey Paul O'Connor Robert Murphy Tony Smith Tony Gore Adaptation and Direction Olive Stubbs Thanks to Louise Simpson for the generous loan of the sheep costume. This year we dedicate our play to the memory of The Revd Alan Cook who died in January Nuncius Eve Haughton Elizabeth Jennifer Kiek Shepherds: Coll James Hardwick Gib Peter Evans Daw Steven Jobling Mak, the Sheep Stealer Kevin Barry Sheep Eve Haughton Gill, Mak's Wife Eileen Mills Angel of the Gloria Gerry Johnson Magi: Jasper Tony Barnfield Melchor Joseph W.B. Sangmuah Balthesar Rodney Eatock Taylor with Alexander Stewart and Anna Stolz Stage Manager Assistants Props Lighting Wardrobe Mistress Assistant Edward Weedon Dawn Roberts Mark Marsh Tony Barnfield Edward Weedon Ken MacLeod Elisabeth Lawrence Lilian Prentice Stage-building Co-ordinators Ticket Office Sandy Boyle Ken MacLeod Francis Stephenson The Players of St. Peter-upon-Cornhill President The Lord Mayor of London Vice Presidents The Lord Bishop of London D P d'Ambrumenil J C T Longstaff Henry Schiller J D Evenett Hon Secretary Mrs J L Eatock Taylor Hon Treasurer Ken MacLeod James Guinness