The Players of St Peter
at Holy Trinity, Sloane Street, London
This was the first year that the Players performed at Holy Trinity
Scenes from THE YORK PLAYS December 1988 Madonna and Child c. 1440-50 (illustration) The Fall of the Angels The Creation of Adam and Eve The Fall of Man and Expulsion from Eden Moses and Pharaoh The Annunciation and Visitation Joseph's Trouble The Nativity The Shepherds' Play Herod and the Magi The Flight into Egypt At Holy Trinity Church, Sloane Street, London SW1 The Cast God Andrew Dobson Children of Israel Seraphim Lucifer Janet Cowen Helen Rendle (sic) Helen Rendall Bad Angel Cherubin Thrones Ceres E Squire (Ceres Squire) Isabel Cassidy Elisabeth Blom Egyptians Lucifer/Satan Matthew Scott Devil Adam Eve Haughton Peter Evans Doctor of Law Gabriel Eve Serpent Pharaoh Counsellors of Pharaoh Patricia Reader (Patricia Bannister) Helen Rendle Tony Barnfield Roger Lee Jason Todd Mary Elizabeth Joseph Women Moses John McIntyre Shepherds Matthew Maxwell-Scott Dominic Bray Oliver Seyfried Roger Haworth Daniel Bird Steven Jobling Pamela Cassidy James Hardwick Kevin Fink Jane Lewis Elizabeth Francis Bernard Dandridge Janet Cowen Eileen Mills Neville Bealing Jeffrey Bannister (Jeff Bannister) Steven Jobling Angels of the Gloria Herod Soldiers of Herod Magi Nuncius Counsellors of Herod Sarah Francis Gerry Johnson David Heal Tony Barnfield Tom Murach Roger Haworth Lloyd McKenzie James Hardwick Eve Haughton John Povey Peter Evans Ceres E. Squire Elisabeth Blom Ancilla Angel of the Kings with Angela and Valentina Bird, Pascale Mifsud, Jillian Pearce and Joanne Zweck Adaptation and Direction Olive Stubbs Organist Harp/Percussion Singers Patrick Mills Patricia Reader Elizabeth Francis Elisabeth Blom Isabel Cassidy Sarah Francis Sylvia Furneaux Ruth Harris Shirley O'Neil Jillian Pearce * Matthew, Dominic and Oliver appear by arrangement with Sussex House Preparatory School, Cadogan Square Stage Manager Assistants Properties Lighting Wardrobe Mistress Backcloth Created by Stage Building Ticket Office Front of House Manager Ted Weedon Tony Smith Joanne Zweck Tony Barnfield Ken MacLeod Elisabeth Lawrence David Heal Ted Weedon Tony Barnfield Ken MacLeod Justin Arundale Angela Bird The Players of St Peter Vice Presidents The Lord Bishop of London J C T Longstaff H Schiller J D Evenett Mrs J L Eatock Taylor Chairman Rev K Yates Hon Secretary/Treasurer K MacLeod