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Scenes from THE CHESTER PLAYS December 1989 The Fall of Lucifer The Creation and Fall of Man Tha Annunciation and Visitation Octavian and the Sibyl The Nativity The Adoration of the Shepherds Herod's Court The Adoration of the Kings The Massacre of the Innocents Angel Musician - 15th C At Holy Trinity Church, Sloane Street, London, SWI God the Father Good Angels Lucifer Lightburn Adam Eve Mary Gabriel Roger Lee Eve Haughton Patricia Reader Shireen Etemadnia Ian Pratt Eileen Mills Lilian Prentice Sean Harry Ceres E Squire Jennifer Kiek Roger Haworth Richard Duployen Colin Hoggan Pamela Cassidy Patricia Reader Lloyd McKenzie The Cast Elizabeth Joseph Nuntius Octavian Senators of Rome Sybil Midwives: Tebell Salome 1st Shepherd (Hankin) 2nd Shepherd 3rd Shepherd (Tud) Troll the Apprentice Dotinowle Jennifer Kiek James Hardwick Tom Murach Ian Pratt John Povey Daniel Bird Ceres E Squire Eileen Mills Lilian Prentice Jeff Bannister Peter Evans Mick Playle Scan Harry Lucy Kings: Melchior Jasper Balthasar Angel of the Kings Citizen of Jerusalem Herod Doctor of Lore Prophets: Isaiah David Michaes 1st Soldier 2nd Soldier 1st Woman 2nd Woman 3rd Woman Devil Roger Haworth Andrew Dobson Roger Lee lan Pratt Eve Haughton Gerry Johnson John Povey Kevin Fink Peter Evans James Hardwick Colin Hoggan Jeff Bannister Ceres E Squire Pamela Cassidy Eve Haughton Richard Duployen Adaptation and Direction Olive Stubbs Stage Manager Ted Weedon Assistant Kevin Fink Music Liaison Patrick Mills Lighting Ken MacLeod Singers Richard Duployen Elizabeth Francis Gerry Johnson Mick Playle Costumes are from the wardrobe of the Players of St. Peter and the Lambeth Players. Kay Baker Stephen Crouchman Wardrobe Mistress and Costume Designer Elisabeth Lawrence Assistant Lilian Prentice Pipes / Percussion Jeff Bannister Patricia Reader Thanks to Rev. Keith Yates for the loan of church vestments for the angels. Ticket Office Justin Arundale Peter Evans Front of House Justin Arundale Organ Patrick Mills George Haworth Lesley Haworth aka Lesley Webster Helen Rendall Coffee will be available before and after the performance. Barbara Smith Michael Smith The Players of St. Peter Vice Presidents : The Lord Bishop of London J C T Longstaff H Schiller J D Evenett Mrs J L Eatock Taylor Chairman: Rev K Yates Hon Secretary : P Evans Hon Treasurer : K MacLeod