The Players of St Peter
at Holy Trinity, Sloane Street, London
Scenes from THE YORK PLAYS December 1992 The Creation of Adam and Eve Abraham and Isaac Pharaoh and Moses The Annunciation and Visitation Joseph's Trouble with Mary The Nativity The Shepherds Herod and The Magi The Purification At Holy Trinity Church, Sloane Street, London SW1 The Cast God Ed Schell Egyptians: Eve Haughton Herod David Coster Abraham James Hardwick Jeff Bannister Amanda Maitland Soldiers: Edward Weedon John Mclntyre Sara Angel Isaac Irene Deeks Simon Reynolds Colin Hoggan Testament presenters: David Coster Nuncius Counsellor of Herod Eve Haughton James Hardwick Servants of Abraham: Andrew Dobson Judith Elbourne Magi: Ian Pratt Jeff Bannister Simon Reynolds Ass Roger Lee Mary Patricia Reader (Patricia Bannister) Roger Lee Sheep Eve Haughton Gabriel Simon Reynolds Elizabeth Irene Deeks Ancilla Judith Elbourne Pharaoh Counsellors of Pharaoh John Mclntyre Roger Lee Joseph Roger Haworth Women: Eileen Mills (Eileen Symes) Angel of the Kings John Povey Moses Sandy Boyle Mike Waring Eve Haughton Priest Anna Mike Waring Eileen Mills Jews: Tamsin Connolly Shepherds: Andrew Dobson Simeon Sandy Bovle Roger Haworth Jeff Bannister Other parts played by: Ian Pratt Colin Hoggan Katy Drage, Sharon Foster, Lisa Parker Musical Director Patrick Mills Stage Manager Ted Weedon Organist Assistants Geoff Cox Singers: Susan Jourdain Julie Poule Justin Chubb Lighting Ken MacLeod (Kenneth McLeod) Angela Dickson Kay Baker Doug Dickson Judith Elbourne Adaptation and Direction Olive Stubbs Props Co-ordination Assistants Lois and Eve Haughton Simon Reynolds Ruth Jordan Scenery design Clare Cox Helen Rendall Mike Waring Stage Development Sandy Boyle Mike Waring Pipes/Percussion Jeff Bannister James Hardwick Costuming Patricia Reader Colin Hoggan Imelda Jones Patricia Reader Susan Jourdain Deb Schell Thanks to Louise Simpson for the generous loan of the sheep costume Ticket Office Peter Evans Front of House Manager Deb Schell The Players of St Peter at Holy Trinity Vice Presidents: The Lord Bishop of London J C T Longstaff H Schiller J D Evenett Mrs J L Eatock Taylor Chairman: The Rev K Yates Hon Secretary: P Evans Hon Treasurer: K MacLeod