The Players of St Peter
Scenes from the Chester Plays December 1993 Pageant of Noah's Flood Moses and the Law The Nativity The Shepherds The Three Kings from the East The Offering of the Kings At Holy Trinity Church, Sloane Street, London SW1 God Ian Pratt Noah Roger Lee Mrs Noah Judith Elbourne Sem Simon Reynolds Mrs Sem Patricia Reader Cam Jeff Bannister Mrs Cam Helen Rendall Jafett Mike Waring Mrs Jafett Elaine Bromberg Good Gossips Eve Haughton Eileen Mills Angela Dickson Messenger Patrick Mills Moses Roger Haworth Doctor SandyBoyle Gabriel MarkTaylor Mary Patricia Reader (Patricia Bannister) Joseph David Coster Elizabeth Judith Elbourne Angel to Joseph Helen Rendall Nuntius Colin Hoggan Octavian James Hardwick Senators Roger Lee John Povey Sibyl Eve Haughton Tebell Olive Stubbs Salome Eileen Mills Expositor Sandy Boyle Hankin Roger Lee Harvey Jeff Bannister Tud Roger Haworth Trowle Mike Waring Dowtinowle Eve Haughton 1st King Colin Hoggan 2nd King Sandy Boyle 3rd King David Heal Citizen Eileen Mills Herod Simon Reynolds Doctor of Lore Patrick Mills Angels Helen Rendall Doug Dickson Other parts played by Sharon Brooks Andrew Dobson and Leah Melnyk Adaptation and Direction Olive Stubbs Singers Angela Dickson Doug Dickson Judith Elbourne Susan Jourdain Eileen Mills Sybil Priestnall Helen Rendall Mike Waring Percussion Jeff Bannister James Hardwick Colin Hoggan Organists David Heal Patrick Mills Thanks to The Polka Theatre, Wimbledon for the loan of the sheep and crib Stage Manager Ted Weedon Assistants Barry Cummins Mike Cassidy Lighting MikeWaring Judith Dickson Props Co-ordination Eve Haughton Assistants Simon Reynolds Sandy Boyle Scenery Design Graham Whatley Banners Sharon Brookes Angela Dickson Costuming Patricia Reader Jeff Bannister Lmelda Jones Joan Campbell Pip Hazell Ticket Office Peter Evans Front of House Manager Barbara Smith