The Players of St Peter
in their first year at
St Clement Eastcheap Church, London, EC4
Scenes from the Chester Plays
December 1998
The Plays
The Creation and Fall (Tanners' play and 
                           Drapers' play) 
Moses and the Law              (Cappers) 
The Nativity                   (Wrights) 
The Play of the Shepherds      (Painters)
The Three Kings come to Herod  (Vintners) 
Offering of the Three Kings    (Mercers)
The Players: on stage
God                   Laurence Hatchwell
Angels:               Irene Deeks
                      Helen Rendall
Devils:               Jo Greene
                      Eve Haughton
Adam                  Lionel Jackson
Eve                   Patricia Reader
Moses                 Tony Gore
King Balaak           Mike Waring
Envoy                 Keith Kerr
Balaam                Tony Barnfield
Burnell               Judith Elbourne
Angel to Balaam       Helen Rendall
Expositor             Edward Weedon
Gabriel               Irene Deeks
Mary                  Cathy Gomez
Elizabeth             Helen Rendall
Joseph                David Coster
Angel to Joseph       Irene Deeks
Nuntius               Jo Greene
Octavian              James Hardwick
Senators:             John Povey
                      Lionel Jackson
Attendant/Clerk       Keith Kerr
Sibyl                 Eve Haughton
Tebell                Jean Haynes
Salome                Eileen Mills
Angels of the Birth:  Peggy Forsyth
                      Helen Rendall
                      Ariella Uliano
Ass                   Judith Elbourne
Sheep                 Patricia Reader
Hankin                Mike Waring
Harvey                Tony Barnfield
Tud                   Roger Haworth
Trowle                C C Berry
Dotinowle             Eve Haughton
Angels to Shepherds:  Peggy Forsyth
                      Judith Elbourne
Kings:                Andrew Dobson
                      Brian Harris
                      Harvey Haynes
Angel to Kings        Irene Deeks
Citizen               Jean Haynes
King Herod            Derek Mills
Fan Bearer            Jo Greene
Cup Bearer            Jean Haynes
Doctor of Lore        James Hardwick
Assistant             Patricia Reader
Angel of Farewell     Peggy Forsyth

Other parts played by members of the cast
The Players: off stage
Adaptation and Direction     Olive Stubbs
Solo Singers                 Peggy Forsyth
                             Ariella Uliano
Singers                      Judith Elbourne
                             Jean Haynes
                             Helen Rendall
Organ                        Patrick Mills
Drums                        Leoncia Flynn
Incidental Music             Members of the Cast
Front of House Co-ordinator  Peter Evans
Stage Manager                Ted Weedon
    Assistant                Colin Pollard
Lighting                     Mike Waring
    Assistants               Helen Berry
                             Lionel Jackson
Props Co-ordinator           Eve Haughton
    Assistants               Shirley Caie
                             Derek Mills
                             Simon Reynolds
Costumes                     Patricia Reader
    Assistants               Jeff Bannister
                             Angela Bird
                             Lionel Jackson
                             Michael Smith
Publicity                    Helen Berry
Ticket Office                Ted Weedon
Leaflet & Programme          Olive Stubbs
                             Ted Weedon