The Players of St Peter
at St Clement Eastcheap Church, London, EC4
Scenes from the play called Corpus Christi
(also known as the N-town plays)
December 1999
The Plays
The Proclamations
The Creation of Heaven and the Angels
The Fall of Lucifer
The Creation of the World and Man
The Fall of Man
Lucifer's Sermon on Sin
The Parliament of Heaven and the Salutation of Mary
Slander and Backbiter
Joseph's Trouble
The Birth of Christ
The Adoration of the Shepherds
Herod's Court
The Adoration of the Kings
The Players: on stage
Presenters           Mike Waring
                     Olive Stubbs
God the Father       Peter Evans
God the Son          Simon Reynolds
Holy Ghost           Edward Weedon
Lucifer              Derek Mills
Angels               Sue Chapman
                     Peggy Forsyth
                     Jo Greene
                     Eve Haughton
                     Christy Koleszar
                     Ariella Uliano
Adam                 Ted Moat
Eva                  Jamie Moreno
Serpent              Jo Greene
Seraph               Eileen Mills
Deadly Sins          Jo Greene
                     Keith Kerr
                     Christy Koleszar
                     Mike Waring
Contemplation        Dennis Erdwin
Daughters of God:
    Truth            Eileen Mills
    Mercy            Irene Deeks
    Justice          Helen Berry
    Peace            Jamie Moreno
Gabriel              Roger Haworth
Mary                 Cathy Gomez
Slander              Patricia Reader
Backbiter            Jeff Bannister
Joseph               David Coster
Susanna              Ailsa Pain
Sephor               Sue Chapman
Citizens             Doug Dickson
                     Angela Dickson
Angels of the Birth  Peggy Forsyth
                     Ariella Uliano
    Zelomy           Helen Berry
    Salome           Patricia Reader
Shepherds            Judith Elbourne
                     Eve Haughton
                     Helen Rendall
Angel to Shepherds   Peggy Forsyth
King Herod           Mike Waring
Steward              Keith Kerr
Entertainer          Ted Moat
Traitor              Jeff Bannister
Kings:               Andrew Dobson
                     Roger Haworth
                     Simon Reynolds
Angel to Kings       Judith Elbourne

Other parts played by members of the cast.
The Players: off stage
Adaptation and Direction
                     Olive Stubbs
Solo Singers         Peggy Forsyth
                     Ariella Uliano
Organ                Patrick Mills
Drum                 Ted Moat
Front of House Co-ordinator
                     Peter Evans
Stage Manager        Ted Weedon
    Assistant        Colin Pollard
Lighting             Mike Waring
    Assistants       Helen Berry
                     Simon Reynolds
Props Co-ordinator   Eve Haughton
    Assistant        Derek Mills
Costumes             Patricia Reader
    Assistants       Jeff Bannister
                     Shirley Caie
                     Lavinia Gomez
                     Jennifer Kiek
                     Derek Mills
                     Michael Smith
Publicity            Helen Berry
Ticket Office        Ted Weedon
Booking Leaflet & Programme
                     Olive Stubbs
                     Ted Weedon