The Players of St Peter
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Selected scenes from various
medieval mystery plays
2000 December
St Clement Eastcheap Church, London, EC4
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The Players: on stage
Presenter                   Edward Weedon
  The Prologue: (Norwich Grocers)
Presenter                   Judith Elbourne
  The Creation of Eve & The Expulsion
  from Paradise: (Norwich Grocers)
God the Father              Brian Hunt
Man                         Peter Evans
Woman                       Jo Greene
Serpent                     James Roe
Angel                       Patricia Reader
Grief                       Irene Deeks
Misery                      Dennis Erdwin
Holy Ghost                  Roger Haworth
  Noah's Ark: (Newcastle Shipwrights)
Angel                       Deborah Schell
Noah                        David Coster
Lucifer                     James Roe
Mrs Noah                    Eileen Mills
  Moses and Pharaoh: (York Hosiers)
Pharaoh                     Mike Waring
Counsellors:                James Hardwick
                            Judith Elbourne
God                         Andrew Dobson
Moses                       Roger Haworth
Jews:                       Ted Moat
                            Sue Chapman
                            Helen Rendall
Egyptians:                  Jennifer Kiek
                            Eve Haughton
                            Dennis Erdwin
                            Christy Koleszar
Death                       Patricia Reader
  The Annunciation: (Wakefield)
God                         Brian Hunt
Gabriel                     Peter Evans
Mary                        Jamie Moreno
Elizabeth                   Olive Stubbs
  The Nativity of Christ: (Chester Wrights)
Nuncius                     Jo Greene
Octavian                    Mike Waring
Sibyl                       Eve Haughton
Mary                        Cathy Gomez
Joseph                      James Hardwick
Tebell                      Christy Koleszar
Salome                      Eileen Mills
Gabriel                     Helen Rendall
  The Adoration of the Shepherd: (Shrewsbury)
Shepherd (note)             Peter Evans
Angel                       Peggy Forsyth
  The Presentation in the Temple:
  (Coventry Weavers)
Gabriel                     Jamie Moreno
Mary                        Patricia Reader
Joseph                      Jeff Bannister
Angel to Simeon             Peggy Forsyth
Simeon                      Ed Schell
Chief Clerk                 David Coster
Clerk                       Deborah Schell
Anna                        Irene Deeks

Other parts played by       Elvira Moreira-Dias 
and                         members of the cast

The Players: offstage - 2000
Adaptation and Direction    Olive Stubbs
Solo Singers                Peggy Forsyth
                            Jan Goodkin
Drum and pipe               Ted Moat
Organ                       Patrick Mills
Front of House Co-ordinator Peter Evans
Front of House Manager      Ken MacLeod
Stage Manager               Ted Weedon
  Assistants                Colin Pollard
                            Doug Dickson
Lighting                    Mike Waring
  Assistants                Simon Reynolds
                            Michael Smith
Props Co-ordinator          Eve Haughton
  Assistants                Derek Mills
                            James Roe
                            Ted Weedon
Costumes                    Patricia Reader
  Assistants                Jeff Bannister
                            Angela Bird
                            Jennifer Kiek
                            Michael Smith
Ticket Office               Ted Weedon
Booking Leaflet & Programme Olive Stubbs
                            Ted Weedon