The York plays

Items without an Hist link are substantially the same as
these texts at the University of Michigan.
Items with an Hist link have been derived with various
degrees of modernisation from the Michigan texts.
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  1The Barkers' Play: The Fall of the Angels7209
  2The Plasterers' Play: The Creation5511
  3AThe Cardmakers' Play: The Creation of Adam and Eve (Version A)3462
  3BThe Cardmakers' Play: The Creation of Adam and Eve (Version B)3584
  4The Fullers' Play: Adam and Eve in Eden3111
  5The Coopers' Play: The Fall of Man6000
HistThe York Plays: The Creation to the Fall of Man168802017 Nov 27  17:20:26
  6The Armourers' Play: The Expulsion5246
  7The Glovers' Play: Cain and Abel4868
  8The Shipwrights' Play: The Building of the Ark5603
  9The Fishers' and Mariners' Play: The Flood11830
10The Parchmentmakers' and Bookbinders' Play: Abraham and Isaac13404
11The Hosiers' Play: Moses and Pharaoh15384
HistThe Hosiers' Play: Moses and Pharaoh154002017 Dec 13  14:37:38
12The Spicers' Play: The Annunciation and Visitation8389
HistThe Spicers' Play: The Annunciation and Visitation45552021 Aug 11  11:35:20
13The Pewterers' and Founders' Play: Joseph's Trouble about Mary10341
14The Tile Thatchers' Play: The Nativity5125
HistThe Tile Thatchers' Play: The Nativity43862017 Oct 23  14:49:27
15The Chandlers' Play: The Shepherds4883
HistThe Chandlers' Play: The Shepherds49182017 Nov 30  12:53:23
16The Masons' and Goldsmiths' Play: Herod and the Magi20838
17The Hatmakers, Masons, and Labourers' Play: The Purification15794
18The Marshals' Play: The Flight into Egypt7096
19The Girdlers and Nailers Play: The Slaughter of the Innocents9326
20The Spurriers' and Lorimers' Play: Christ with the Doctors in the Temple10508
21The Barbers' Play: The Baptism5593
22The Smiths' Play: The Temptation6294
22AUnidentified two line fragment66
23The Curriers' Play: The Transfiguration8394
24The Capmakers' Play: The Woman Taken in Adultery/The Raising of Lazarus7728
25The Skinners' Play: The Entry into Jerusalem18265
26The Cutlers' Play: The Conspiracy15610
27The Baxters' Play: The Last Supper6781
28The Cordwainers' Play: The Agony in the Garden and the Betrayal14656
29The Bowers and Fletchers' Play: Christ Before Annas and Caiaphas19675
30The Tapiters' and Couchers' Play: Christ before Pilate I: The Dream of Pilate's Wife28127
31The Liststers' Play: Christ Before Herod21201
32The Cooks' and Waterleaders' Play: The Remorse of Judas17178
33The Tilemakers' Play: Christ Before Pilate 2: The Judgement22499
34The Shearmen's Play: The Road to Calvary12513
35The Pinners' Play: The Crucifixion12875
36The Butchers' Play: The Death of Christ13615
37The Saddlers' Play: The Harrowing of Hell14777
38The Carpenters' Play: The Resurrection15268
39The Winedrawers' Play: Christ's Appearance to Mary Magdalene5524
40The Woolpackers' and Woolbrokers' Play: The Supper at Emmaus9523
41The Scriveners' Play: The Incredulity of Thomas6498
42The Tailors' Play: The Ascension10262
43The Potters' Play: Pentecost8594
44The Drapers' Play: The Death of the Virgin8795
45The Weavers' Play: The Assumption of the Virgin14432
46The Hostelers' Play: The Coronation of the Virgin6047
46AUnidentified fragment2065
47The Mercers' Play: The Last Judgement14371
SrcAll the plays in one big lump5277812018 Nov 25  22:07:40
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