The Players of St Peter
at St. Peter-upon-Cornhill, London
Scenes from the Wakefield Plays
December 1969

Proclamation God The Killing of Abel Cain, Boy, Abel, God Abraham Abraham, God, Isaac, Sarah, Gabriel Isaac and Jacob Isaac, Rebecca, Jacob, Esau, God, Rachel, Leah, Attendants The Annunciation God, Mary, Gabriel The Salutation of Elizabeth Mary, Elizabeth The Shepherds Coll, Gib, Daw, Mak, Gill, Gabriel The Kings Gabriel, Jasper, Melchor, Balthesar The Adoration The Shepherds, Mary, Gabriel, The Kings The Players Jacqueline Cannon Brookes - Rebecca Michael Cannon Brookes - Abel Elizabeth Brown Beth Cave Janet Cowen - Leah - in her first year with the Players Howard Davies - Gabriel Rodney Eatock-Taylor John Evenett Heaven Fitzgerald - Rebecca Patrick Gaskell-Taylor David Gibson Kathryn Gray - Mary Claire Grundy Cyril Haward Margaret Helps - Elizabeth Doreen Jameson - Sarah Jock Longstaff - Isaac John Owen Simon Owen John Salem Gary Stump - young Isaac Jack Vyse - Abraham Directed by Jock Longstaff Adapted by Howard Davies Stage Management by Michael Cannon Brookes, Neil Cave, David Gibson and Roma McAuliffe Lighting by Gordon Mclntyre and Kenneth MacLeod Ken MacLeod The Players' Wardrobe supervised by Isobel Longstaff and Jacqueline Cannon Brookes Music arranged and conducted by Robert Anderson Sound Recording by Peter Walters Organists: Robert L. Anderson and Malcolm Crowthers