The Players of St Peter
at St. Peter-upon-Cornhill, London
Scenes from the Wakefield Plays
July 1970
Scenes from The Wakefield Plays The Conspiracy, Last Supper, Arrest, Buffeting, Peter's Denial, The Scourging, Crucifixion, Harrowing of Hell, Marys at the Tomb, The Resurrection and Ascension. Cast Pilate Annas Caiaphas Councillor Malchus Judas Citizen Peter John Jesus Apostles 1 Soldier 2 Soldier 3 Soldier 4 Soldier Servant Women Mary Mary Magdalene Mary Jacobi Mary Salome Women of Jerusalem Simon of Cyrene Longeus Joseph of Arimathea Nicodemus Adam Eve Isaiah John the Baptist Moses David Ribald Beelzebub Satan Angel Jack Vyse Douglas McCreadie John Owen Rodney Eatock Taylor Gordon McIntyre Patrick Gaskell-Taylor Roger Fearon John Salem Timothy Llewellyn Howard Davies Michael Cannon Brookes Malcolm Crowthers Ronald Godbold Anthony Godfrey Timothy Jameson Guy Rowston Michael Tyldesley John Winter Colin Fearon Malcolm Greatbanks David Gibson Brian Evans Elizabeth Brown Roma McAuliffe Kathryn Gray Jill Rogers Janet Cowen Doreen Jameson Jacqueline Cannon Brookes, Dinah Nichols, Elizabeth Wood Roger Fearon Rodney Eatock Taylor Guy Rowston Michael Cannon Brookes Timothy Jameson Tara Goffe Douglas McCreadie Michael Tyldesley John Winter Malcolm Crowthers Malcolm Greatbanks Patrick Gaskell-Taylor John Owen Gary Stump Adapted by Directed by Costumes designed by Lighting directed by Organist Assistant Director Stage Management Poster and Programme designed by Howard Davies John Evenett Peter Lees Jeffries Gordon McIntyre David Greenwood Elizabeth Brown John Grey Kenneth MacLeod Ken MacLeod Alexander McIntyre Peter Eaton The Players of St. Peter-upon-Cornhill President: The Lord Mayor of London Vice Presidents: The Lord Bishop of London Sir Philip D'Ambrumenil James Guiness, Esq. Sir Kenneth Swan, O.B.E., Q.C. E. E. Taylor, Esq., C.B.E. Jack Hulbert, Esq. Henry Schiller, Esq. Chairman: The Reverend Alan Cook, M.A., Rector of St. Peter-upon-Cornhill Hon. Secretary: Miss J. L. Cannon Brookes Hon. Treasurer: Mr. C. R. Aveling Tyler