The Players of St Peter
at St. Peter-upon-Cornhill, London
Scenes from the Chester Plays
December 1970
Octavian's Conversion The Annunciation The Road to Bethlehem The Birth The Doubting Midwives The Adoration of the Shepherds The Three Kings from the East Expositor Nuntius Octavian Senators Sybil Gabriel Mary Elizabeth Joseph Midwives 1 Shepherd 2 Shepherd SShepherd 4 Shepherd 1 King 2 King 3 King Explorator Herod Doctor Men and Women of the Town Guy Rowston Gary Stump Jock Longstaff Rodney Eatock Taylor Roger Fearon Janet Cowen Michael Evans Tara Goffe Doreen Jameson John Salem Elizabeth Brown Roma McAuliffe John Evenett Brian Evans Cyril Haward David Gibson Douglas McCreadie John Owen Patrick Gaskell-Taylor Gordon McIntyre Henry Schiller Malcolm Greatbanks Judy Banks, Jacqueline Cannon Brookes, Stephen Gomersall Adapted by John Evenett Directed by Jock Longstaff Organist Malcolm Crowthers Sounding Recording Peter Walters Wardrobe Lighting Stage Management Programmes and Poster Design Chairman of Production Etelka Leadlay Gordon Mclntyre, Ken MacLeod Elizabeth Brown, Rodney Eatock Taylor, Jacqueline Cannon Brookes David H Taylor-Rule The Revd. Alan Cook MA, Rector of St. Peter-upon-Cornhill