The York Mystery Plays

Scenes from THE YORK MYSTERY PLAYS - December 1980 The Creation and Fall of Lucifer Adam and Eve Cain and Abel Abraham and Isaac Annunciation Shepherds' Play Herod and the Kings Adoration Flight to Egypt Slaughter of the Innocents The Christ-Child in the Temple The Cast God Lucifer Adam Eve Serpent Cain Abel Strife-Bearer Doctor Abraham Isaac Angel Mary Joseph Gabriel Maiden 1 Maiden 2 Rodney Eatock Taylor John Salem Graham Whatley Lucy Paice Deborah Bass John Povey Oliver McGoey Michael Tyldesley Cyril Haward Ted Noel Brown Scott Basham * Brian Hunt Elsie Jacobi Ted Noel Brown Brian Hunt Jennifer Kiek Eileen Mills (Eileen Symes) Shepherd 1 Shepherd 2 Shepherd 3 Herod Jester King 1 King 2 King 3 Soldier 1 Soldier 2 Magistrates & Doctors Jesus Angels & Devils Andrew Dobson Tim Kidd Patrick Mills David Heal Michael Tyldesley Stephen Roberts Mark Swindall Oliver McGoey Jeffrey Marsh John Povey Andrew Dobson Tim Kidd Jeffrey Marsh Cyril Haward Brian Evans Scott Basham Eve Haughton Olive Stubbs Carol Whatley Jennifer Kiek *Scott Basham is a pupil of The Coopers' Company and Coborn School, Upminster Stage Manager Margaret Salem Lighting Ken McLeod Organist Simon Lole, B Mus Wardrobe Elizabeth Wright Box Office Francis Stephenson Produced by Kathryn Gray The Players of StPeter-upon-Cbmhifl President The Lord Mayor of London Vice Presidents The Lord Bishop of London, D P d'Ambrumenil, James Guinness J C T Longstaff, Henry Schiller, John Evenett Chairman The Rev Alan Cook MA, Hon CF, Rector of St Peter-upon-Cornhill Hon Secretary Mrs J L C Eatock Taylor Hon Treasurer Ken MacLeod